Business Systems Analysis

When we are presented with a problem, we look at the whole picture. Delivering innovative solutions requires a big picture approach. Utilising proven methodologies, we are able to make your system work, and work efficiently.

Depending on the size and complexity of the issue and/or business process - we first undertake a thorough examination of the status quo. Methods such as document analysis, interface analysis, interviews, workshops, reverse engineering, surveys, and task analysis may be used in this first step. After our initial requirements gathering process, we then draft up a process map and guide you through the entire process. We help you in determining which requirements are the highest priority for implementation, and managing the change.

Ultimately, after a thorough analysis and requirements gathering, we can begin work and create solutions, improve efficiency and reduce waste, provide documentation and support.

LEAN and 6 Sigma process improvement methodologies are incorporated into our work to varying degrees. Removing defect causes, minimising variability and reducing waste are essential to our business model.