In 1994, Eli Afram established Webmaster Studios having recently completed his Masters Degree in Information Technology. In the first year of operation, Eli produced the website for Member of Parliament, Maria Vamvakinou - who have remained loyal clients to this day. Later that year, Eli was approached by students from the University of Melbourne, who were pioneering a world first of it's kind OH&S test program. The students required a developer and Webmaster Studios stepped up to the challenge and proved the capacity to innovate and gain media recognition for creating an application that was the first of it's kind at the time.

By this stage, Webmaster Studios had numerous high profile clients, including Engineers Australia's Tunnelling Society, Grouting & Foundation Works Australia, K&H Geotech, and more. The business also expanded to cover other services, and broke into the sound production market by creating music for a Pokies Machine. Other services by now included, Photo restorations, & Graphic Design.

In just the 2nd year of operation, the client base grew significantly, and other high profile clients were gained including State Member for Yuroke, Liz Beattie. Further, a lottery program was developed which was then used at the Hilton in Melbourne on consecutive years for major events including the Brownlow Medal dinner. 

Now with numerous clients, Webmaster Studios offers Business Analysis and Systems solutions to businesses of any size. The biggest job this year involved servicing and providing strategic systems solutions for the multi-billion dollar North West Rail Line project in Sydney. The business now offers Photography as an additional service as well to enhance it's creative flair. Further, image manipulation and restoration services work to compliment Eli's photography, which has gained international interest.

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A business with Experience.

Being in the industry for so long, our business has honed itself to become one of the best of quality and systems service providers out there.

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