Eli develops Inspections Management Application

There are so many inspections applications out there, but with most of them being clunky, unintuitive, slow, or simply archaic systems.

When Webmaster Studios was approached last month to build a system that could manage thousands of items multiplied by numerous inspections, we saw a welcome challenge. In theory it is blindingly simple, but to effectively create such an application with all the bells and whistles of filtering, reports, searchability and traceability, you have an interesting challenge at hand. One that Eli himself, was more than keen to take on. Having worked on numerous database systems, Eli believed he had the right technical and business knowledge to tackle the issue from both fronts.

Preliminary tests have proven the application to be a success and Webmaster Studios is well on the way to delivering a ground breaking application capable of setting a new standard, particularly among construction, safety, and quality sectors - where such software usually seems to be lacking. The software is built in PHP, utilizing the bootstrap framework, and ofcourse an SQL database back-end.

"I wanted to create an application which was very stripped back, simple on the outside, but powerful on the inside. By coding the application from the bottom up, I was able to make the application highly responsive - in both senses of the word - that is, fast and automatically adjustable to smartphones, tablets and desktops. I have always maintained that the Google philosophy is best. Keep it clean and simple, but give it all the flexibility it can get and that's what I've done." - Eli Afram.