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Bringing UK TV to you via the Best VPN Services

This study guide offers you quality knowledge on the best VPN that is most suitable for viewing UK TV outside the UK

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) expresses a computer application that is specifically designed to ensure your privacy when surfing the internet and to guarantee your security from hackers and external oversight. It gives its users an anonymous identity when on cyber platforms. The cyber merits of VPN are perfectly captured in the use of BBC IPlayer outside the UK. The BBC iPlayer which comprises the totality of BBC channels is known for its restrictions outside the UK locations. However, to free the lovers of UK TV abroad from such constraint on non-UK addresses, VPNs come to play. Because VPNs have servers in many countries, the UK being inclusive, it guarantees its users a private connection to a new server of their choice. When connected, the cyber recognizes the local location of your chosen server. Therefore, you can generate a UK address from outside UK. BBC iPlayer is now available globally, and as a result, you can watch BBC iPlayer in the USA.

Progressively, this study guide presents to you the best VPN for BBC iPlayer that are very reliable. This is not something of the opinion. It is a conclusion that was reached after much tests and observation

The Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer

 Express VPN

This VPN from the British Virgin Island is specifically designed to encompass all the requirements of a good VPN. Capacitated with lightning speed, it does not give room for any lag at all. It has more than 500 UK servers which are the best for BBC iPlayer accessibility. Its UK servers are built for streaming optimization. Also, an all-time readily available customer support solves the problem of any possible failure in transmission. It assures its users of absolute privacy, and, easy usage, and anonymity. To ascertain its cyber capacity and business integrity, Express VPN offers its users a money-back guarantee if not pleased after 30 days of use. It offers a free plan.


1-month plan: $12.95/per month

6-month plan:  $9.99/per month

12-month plan: $6.67/per month



Comments from users affirm that no BBC iPlayer VPN is better than NordVPN from Panama, USA. It is built with over 450 UK servers for easy accessibility of BBC iPlayer. The VPN connects up to 6 devices per license. Customer service is one click available to solve any possible error. It has 2048- bit encryption, security protocols that are highly reliable, and a kill switch. DoubleVPN and TORVPN are both available for connections, and its gateway is designed to stream media with the most accurate speed. It offers a refund if users are not pleased after the first 30 days of use. NordVPN offers a free plan.


1-month plan: $11.97/ per month

1-year plan: $6.99/ per month

2 years plan: $3.99/ per month



Having its headquarters in Romania, Cyberghost VPN has more than 150 servers in the UK making it suitable for BBC iPlayer. Its connection logs store and traffic has been reduced to the lowest minimum. CyberGhost VPN connects up to 5 devices per license making it highly efficient. Just as its name "cyber ghost" implies, it conceals the identity of its users, and its simplicity of accessibility cannot be overemphasized. Its customer care service runs 24/7 to help solve any technical problem instantaneously to the time of the report. It has a reliable speed that features smooth streaming of video. Distinctively among others, the VPN offers a 7 day free trial for its iOS and Android app and guarantees a refund if not pleased after the first 30 days of use.


1 month: $11.99/ per month

6 months: $4.99/ per month

18 months: $2.75/ per month


Located in US Florida, IPVanish VPN has made its triumph as one of the most reliable virtual private networks. Connecting VPN to your BBC iPlayer (using the UK server) ensures ping speed, download speed 80.25 Mbps, and 42.09 Mbps upload speed. Its interface is designed to be easily accessible by all. It offers zero traffic logs in which data and information are not stored. The VPN’s customer care is readily available to respond any query whenever you click. IPVanish supports a simultaneous connection of up to five devices per license and has AES 256-bit military grade encryption. Its working platforms include Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers, and Linux.


1 month: $10/ per one month

3 months: $8.99/ per one month

12 months: $6.49/ per one month

IPVanish VPN is Worth  Using for BBC iPlayer. VPN

Although designed with simple features, VPN has put much weight in the market. The VPN has a zero logs policy. It has a plus plan that comes with 75gb data and one connection per license while its premium, on a better tariff, is endowed with unlimited data and connects with up to five devices per license. offers its subscribers automatic WiFi protection, and is easy to use as it is absolutely simplified for tech-savvy and amateur users. 

The VPN guarantees its users a money-return if services are not good after 14days of the first use. However, the money-return offer only features a bandwidth usage of 500mb data. Its free plan though covering three servers can be said to be inapplicable to British iPlayer. This is because its free data does not encompass any British servers. The VPN offers 24/7 live chat customer service, who are essentially committed to answering your queries. Privacy and security with 8192-bit RSA key are integral to the many benefits VPN carries.


Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is a Canada-based VPN, with 10 IP addresses, a killer switch, and about 300 servers. The VPN offers its users unlimited connection to devices per license. It is designed with a self-descriptive interface that is smoothly accessible to both techy-savvy and amateur users alike. With a platform for FAQ, study guides, forum, and reachable support, Windscribe customer service proves to be outstanding in performance. It ensures an antisocial platform by which the anonymity of its users is protected. The free plans of Windscribe offer 10Gb monthly and unlimited connection to devices making it incomparable to others in this aspect. The VPN proffers Netflix for British severs making it highly effective for British iPlayer surfing. It guarantees its users firewall for immunity to external attacks, leaks, and hackers. Its price comes with absolute affordability. Below are the prices for the plans within its scheme.


Free plan: $0.00 per/month

12 months : $4.08 per/month

24 months: $3.70 per/ month

What makes the best VPN for BBC iPlayer?

1. A UK server: The essential requirement of any VPN that is to be used to surf British iPlayer is a British server. Without British server, it is absolutely impossible.

2. Speed: For quality entertainment, speed is also integral. This is because streaming of videos online without any break in transmission requires a certain level of high speed.

3. Multiple connections: Also, a VPN that features multiple connections are highly advantageous as it is time-efficient. The burden of logging in and out per time and per switching of devices can be averted via multiple connections.

4. Price: Since money is an essential factor in any business transaction, it becomes highly important to choose VPN services based on the convenience of the price they offer to your relative monetary capability. You will choose based on what you can afford.

5. Strong Encryption and Protocols: 

In a country like the UK and the US, strong encryption is required since there is strict monitoring of the interfaces connected to different cyber platforms. This also helps you to evade the penalties that are accorded against VPNs in some extreme law-conscious countries. A wrong choice in acquiring a VPN service that does not have strong encryption and protocols makes you vulnerable to being banned from online services.


Having kept our subscribers informed on the alternative means of accessing the British iPlayer even outside the boundaries of the UK, this study guides implores a careful study of this guide. The VPN services that are presented above are all designed to answer questions that stir up from all our inadequacies in viewing the British iPlayer. However, we cannot deny the fact that on a more general assessment, some have proven to be more reliable and better when put into use. Because we understand the essentiality of informing our followers, we emphatically posit NordVPN and Express VPN to be on top of the list of the briefly described VPN services. This is because of the tremendous response that has been acquired from users concerning them. On the ground of a credible report, we posit them to be the best in the market. 

We sincerely appreciate you for giving us the platform to inform you of the best VPN that ensures consistent entertainment of British iPlayer. For more of this great content, you can visit our sites both at your leisure, studious time, and time of needed information.