Blockchain Solutions

Peer to peer business has become a big deal. One emerging technology in this area, pertains to blockchain technology. This technology entails the use of an immutable, public ledger driven by consensus protocols.

Understanding Blockchain technology is not for the faint-heart!

Eli Afram has been actively engaged within cryptography, and blockchain communities for several years, and has built a wealth of knowledge and experience in building blockchain solutions.

The technology has already shown its potential to disrupt a variety of markets. There are an infinite number of applications that are possible in utilizing blockchain tech to help streamline company processes. Some of these are:

  • Immutable data storage with minimal overhead.
  • Automate company transactions using 'script'.
  • Create unbreakable webpages and applications.
  • Create hackproof applications and datasets.
  • Financial transactions at 1 percent of 1 cent cost.
  • Near instant settlements.

We are able to help you build a blockchain based solution that harnesses the full capability of the tech, and plug it into your existing infrastructure. The cost and time savings can be monumental.

Services we provide in this area include:

  • Application Development
  • Technical Advice and Support
  • Contracting.
  • In person consultancy (anywhere in Australia).
  • Seminars - For all who want to learn about bitcoin, I offer presentations to get you and your associates up to speed.