Windows 10 - Has Microsoft got it right?

by Eli
on 03 December 2014
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Buckle up, and fasten your seatbelts. Microsoft is zooming past windows 9, and we are going straight to Windows 10 in the next release.

A lot has been said about Windows 8 - and most of it, is bad. So much so that most companies have altogether refused to install and upgrade to it. Adding insult to injury, users who've had the OS shipped with new PCs have ended up disgruntled and disillusioned.

Anyone who's been around for the past couple decades will be aware that Microsoft has created an uncompromising pattern of releasing "Good OS, Bad OS, Good OS, Bad.... and so on". Windows 7, was the "good". Then we got served up with 8... and now 10. By skipping on 9, Microsoft is probably trying to allude at the fact that this change is kind of a big deal...

Is Windows 10 really a big deal?

This is a matter of perspective. They've certainly worked hard to curb all the frustrations that users have had with windows 8.

1. First and foremost, we have a welcome return of the Start Menu. A much needed relief for users who have adopted this as a GUI standard.

2. The 'touch interface' has been completely revamped, and is far more user friendly. Furthermore, Windows will no longer treat your desktop PC as if it is a tablet - which was a pivotal error Microsoft made with 8. Windows 10 will have the smarts to adopt and change it's functionality based on whether a keyboard is detected or not, and based on what kind of device you are using. Essentially the experience for desktop users, will be a little closer to Windows 7, and a little more windows 8 for mobile devices.   - Now you are doing it right!

3. There's a new Task View feature which allows users to switch between Virtual Desktops. That's right - you can have multiple desktops - so that you can have all your internet browsers on one and your financials on another.

4. The OS is now far more adaptable. It will work on a range of devices, both big and small, and will cater itself to work best on the given resolution. What's more, all apps will work across all devices (provided enough system resources and specs). So you have one windows store, providing for all devices running Windows 10.

5. For the business minded individuals, Windows 10 introduces a whole raft of data security measures, and will keep personal and corporate data separate. A mobile device management tool comes into the fold also.

6. Windows 8 and Windows 7 applications will be compatible and operational in 10. Apps from 8, that suffered from a designated full screen mode will run windowed in 10 - thankfully!. -

There are a variety of other small features that make every day use easier. All in all making Windows more pleasant.

The verdict is difficult to quantify.

These are indeed all positives. - and we haven't identified anything negative just yet. However, in many ways - this is really what window 8 should have been. There is nothing ground breaking in any of the advancements we are offered. Instead it seems more aimed at correcting the many flaws of it's predecessor. Given the same token, when you look at all the 'non ground breaking' improvements together, as a collective, you have something quite possibly worthy of an upgrade.

We remain cautiously optimistic! - Eli.