March 10, 2016
by Jennifer Rezny

When Neil deGrasse Tyson first started tweeting about the portrayal of science in pop culture, it was a hit. He filled his Twitter feed with live commentary on various movies, the first being Alfonso Cuarón's 2013 film Gravity, with the following statement:

"My Tweets hardly ever convey opinion. Mostly perspectives on the world. But if you must know, I enjoyed #Gravity very much."

March 03, 2016
by Jennifer Rezny

Last time on the blog, we poked around indoor navigating -- a subject near and dear to my expertise, given I once spent eight months straight poring over all the ways one could navigate various luxury malls in Australia, the United States and the U.K. (Next time you're in a major mall and encounter a touch kiosk that will create paths for you, you may think of this blog.)

February 26, 2016
by Jennifer Rezny

Last week I introduced the topic of artificial intelligence and technological singularities, and why they remain grounded more in fantasy than reality. We continue on that discussion today.

You've probably heard of Google's recent push for their indoor mapping product Project Tango -- they are probably the most notable company making forays into this technology, though they are hardly the first. Digital wayfinding is a new and booming industry, and it is prepared to push the boundaries on how people interact with and navigate spaces.

February 19, 2016
by Jennifer Rezny

Over a decade ago, as a high school student, I wrote a paper entitled: Technological Singularity and the Tomorrow-land of Today.

Cheesy, I know.

December 14, 2015
by Eli

Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, has announced that they are shutting down Firefox OS. The smartphone-oriented operating system has been first publicly demonstrated in February 2012, and it took another year before it was actually shipped to customers. 

A rack of bananas, almost identical!
December 12, 2015
by Jennifer Rezny

It’s not unusual to travel the country and see the same sights from coast to coast: a mall might have many of the same stores, a food court might have the same staples. A pharmacy on one end of the country will generally stock the same items in more or less the same order as a pharmacy on the other end of the country. Consistency is key in chain business.

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