February 09, 2017
by Eli

Unless you're entrenched in the Bitcoin community, you could be forgiven for being totally oblivious to the war that has been unfolding within the digital currency's community.

January 10, 2017
by Eli

Only moments ago, Monero, hard-forked, to become the undisputed king of crypto-privacy.

December 20, 2016
by Eli

DOCUMENT MODIFIED: 2016/12/20 - Note: Removed incorrect statement on the discussed, but unactioned "mining halt".

In June 2016, the head of the Commonwealth Bank had infamously stated "If we don't innovate successfully, we're toast". And he wasn't kidding. Ian Narev was fundamentally speaking of the new world economy that entails peer-to-peer business, decentralized business models, and the bitcoin blockchain. The threat is as real as Uber is to the taxi industry.

July 22, 2016
by Jennifer Rezny

On November 9th, 1969, the San Francisco Chronicle received a letter from the supposed Zodiac Killer providing details of his crime not yet known to the public. Between taunts, delusional statements of purpose and laborious descriptions of crimes, he noted his use of fingertip guards:

"2 As of yet I have left no fingerprints behind me contrary to what the police say in my killings I wear transparent fingertip guards. All it is is 2 coats of airplane cement coated on my fingertips -- quite unnoticible + very efective"

Pokémon Go by Nintendo and Niantic Labs
July 15, 2016
by Jennifer Rezny

Pokémon was many things for me in 1997. As of the past week, it's some new things to the whole world.

May 31, 2016
by Eli

When earlier this year, Mike Hearns; a prominent former developer and voice for bitcoin stated that Bitcoin had failed, and that its price would drop in the near future, many people listened, and sold their cryptos, in a panic sell, fearing the worst. But not everyone - certainly another prominent voice and developer Gavin Andresen, offered his confidence, and I myself, was quick to offer a rebuttal in this article: Bitcoin will be here to stay, longterm..

Fast forward to the middle of the year, and we are beginning to see an emerging pattern with increasing clarity. Just 2 days ago, the price of bitcoin hit 570 USD, on one of the leading bitcoin exchanges - Bitfinex. This figure, is the equivalent of just under $800 AUD. Such heights on the bitcoin price have not been seen since times of the bubble.

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