Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Consultancy

Peer to peer business has become a big deal. One emerging technology in this area, pertains to crypto-currencies. Specifically, this technology entails the use of the blockchain - an immutable, ledger driven by consensus protocols.

Understanding Bitcoin (or any of the variant cryptos), is not for the faint-heart!

Eli Afram has been actively engaged within cryptography, and blockchain communities for several years, and has built a wealth of experience in not only Bitcoin, but many other blockchain solutions including Ethereum, Monero, and other Bitcoin variations and forks.

Investors, business owners, tech companies and enthusiasts have countless questions about this technology... How safe is it? Can it be hacked? How is it immutable? Where can I spend BTCs? Where can I buy? How do I invest in Bitcoin? How do I keep my Bitcoins stored securely? Why is so much processing power needed to run this network?... These questions and many many more can be covered in detail.

Eli is able to present, run seminars, or provide 1-on-1, consultancy and advice. Likewise, investors who are looking to trade Bitcoin or other cryptos, can be provided with a wealth of information - particularly as BTC trading becomes more and more mainstream than ever before.

Services provided in this area include:

  • In person consultancy (anywhere in Australia).
  • Technical Advice and Support
  • Seminars - For all who want to learn about bitcoin, I offer presentations to get you and your associates up to speed.

We offer detailed information concerning Bitcoin and "altcoins", without any bias. We can present the significant advantages which the blockchains entail, as well as shortcomings and challenges that the network faces. Please contact us via the Contact page.


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